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Melt in your mouth homemade cookies bursting with flavor in each bite. Made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives. An indulgent freshly baked satisfying tasty treat. Family recipe cookies made from our hearts to yours. Cookies with a purpose donating with every bag purchased.

CrushCrush Cookies

Introducing Buddy!
CrushCrush Cookies' new addition to the family. Cookie Monster Buddy isn't just
your average cookie connoisseur; he's on a mission to spread happiness and
kindness wherever he goes. His love for cookies goes beyond just their
delicious taste. He believes that every cookie has a purpose: to bring people
together to celebrate special moments and to spread a little sweetness in the
world. So, join Cookie Monster Buddy on his sweet adventures, and let's make
the world a sweeter place, one cookie at a time.



  • Katie Stice

    Fluffy Balls have made me a cookie monster! So delicious and a fun treat for events, too. Highly recommend … and you will thank me later.

  • Noah Fish

    These are the kind of cookies where you take a couple bites and the entire batch is gone shortly after. They are insanely addictive and tasty! I also love how proceeds go to support a great cause.

  • Debra LaCoppola

    I bought a few bags of Fluffy Balls around the Holidays. Okay, I bought 10 bags, thinking I would gift them.

    But,once we started eating the Delicious fluffy balls, Well- put it this way-ONLY bags were gifted.



How Long Do CrushCrush Cookies Last?

Fluffy Balls, Nutty Peanut Butter Brittle Balls, Naked Balls, Chocolate Balls, Date Balls cookies are the freshest for five to six days on the counter or in the pantry, stored in the paper bag, and up to nine to ten days in the fridge, tightly covered or in a zippered bag.

Can you Freeze?

Yes! They will even keep in the freezer for up to six months. To freeze, store in freezer containers because they will remain fragile when frozen. This is a cookie that you won’t want to crumble before serving!

Does Cookie Taste Vary?

No. Our cookies are homemade with the best ingredients all natural soft cookies that taste buttery, nutty with an outer crunch. It has an airy, melt-in your-mouth texture that crumbles and dissolves in seconds when it hits your tongue. A tasty treat all year round.

Can I warm them up?

Yes, microwave the cookies for up to 5 seconds or place them in a toaster oven to desired temperature for a few seconds.

Are they Gluten-Free? what about otherallergens?!

No, they are not Gluten-Free, Nut-Free or Vegan. If you have any allergic reactions to nuts these are not the cookies for you.

Areyour ingredients sourced locally?

Yes! We  support farmers and local businesses. We currently source our ingredients from local farmer markets, grocery stores and support those small and large companies to give us the best ingredients, all while leaving a small footprint on our planet.

Do you ship? How does this work?

Yes!  We ship within the United States and offer both USPS and UPS shipping options.

How long will these cookies last once shipped?

They will last for 3-5 days once they are shipped out, picked up, or delivered. Our cookies are baked to order and packed almost immediately and sealed in cookie bag.