Cookies Gourmet Cookies with a Purpose

Cookies Gourmet Cookies with a Purpose

CrushCrush Cookies is a family owned and operated company that is passionate about baking the best cookies in the world. Our cookies are baked with love and loved by all. We pride ourselves on making soft, chewy, melt in your mouth cookies that will make you say "crush crush" every time you take a bite!

Our cookies are made with simple ingredients that you can pronounce. Our all- natural ingredients include: butter, flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla and salt. That's it! No preservatives here!

We live by the motto "a cookie with a purpose". For every bag of cookies sold we donate 2% to non-profit organizations such as St Jude Children's Research Hospital®, Boys and Girls Clubs and other local charities.

We hope you enjoy our delicious cookie creations just as much as we enjoyed baking them for you!


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